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Personalized college and career planning via text

Our free chatbot helps your students explore their options, find pathways, and connect with people and resources who can help

Students don't know what they don't know

Helping students explore careers, find pathways, and create plans is hard, especially when it's not the only thing on your plate.

Let us make your job easier

Career exploration and pathway planning
We help students:
  • Explore new careers
  • Discover how these careers align with their interests and goals
  • Find the right next step - like a job shadow or an internship
  • Connect with local professionals in their chosen career
Postsecondary planning and access
We help students:
  • Choose the best education program for them
  • Complete their FAFSA
  • Connect with trained coaches who can help with applications, financial aid, and more
Skill-building support for the future
We help students:
  • Learn financial literacy skills
  • Strengthen their math confidence and math identity
  • Build job readiness through resume and cover letter support, interview coaching, and more

Get started in three steps

Sign your school up.
Fill out this form, and you'll receive an email with onboarding materials to help you get your students started.
Get your students texting.
We'll provide a phone number your students can text to get started. The first conversation takes less than 10 minutes.
Receive updates on students' progress
We'll share regular reports about how students are using the bot so you can celebrate their success the next time they're in your classroom.

Let's get your students chatting

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