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Engage learners with personal conversations, automatically.

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The identity-building chatbot

Sidekick listens to what learners have done, envisions what they could do, convinces them they can do it, then connects them with chances to do it.

How it works

Scout secret identities

Use reports from our personal conversations to get instant insider insight on who students are and what they need

Listening is Sidekick's superpower. In every message, Sidekick spots the skills, goals, and interests people see in themselves and surfaces the ones they don't.

Shine the spotlight

Just add activities and resources for learners. We'll add the meaning that motivates students to engage.

Sidekick convinces students to take action by appealing their identity, showing how opportunities use their strengths, further their goals, and engage their interests.

Make it personal

Reach the right learners at the right time in the right way with technology purpose-built for talent and education

Sidekick matches students to opportunities that meet them where they are, whether that's getting an internship, submitting a form, or just turning on video.

Experts in engaging learners

We're a research-driven nonprofit cracking identity-based motivation in talent and education. All learners become "the right fit" when shown how opportunities fit them. We foster positive academic and career identities, so learners opt into opportunities rather than opt out.

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Let's write some origin stories

The best way to get someone on a path is to connect them to someone already on it. We help learners find your path.

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