Power engagement with personal conversations.

Give personal answers to, "When am IĀ ever going to need this?" Automatically.

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The identity-building chatbot

Sidekick learns from what learners already did to discover what they could do and then connects them with chances to do it.

How it works

Our SMS-based chatbot helps students foster positive learner and career identities so they opt in rather than opt out.

Scout out secret identities

Instant insider insight.

Listening is Sidekick's superpower. In every message, Sidekick looks for ways to uncover the skills, goals, and interests people see in themselves and surface the ones they don't.

Make it personal

Meaning that drives motivation.

Sidekick gets students to show up, sign in, and hit submit by explaining how your tasks use their strengths, further their goals, and engage their interests.

Shine the spotlight

Relevance they're ready for.

Sidekick pitches the opportunities that give each student the best chance to thrive, whether that is taking an internship, tackling real-world projects, or just turning on video.

Engagement = opportunity.
Opportunity = engagement.

We're a nonprofit that believes all students, when shown why an opportunity is relevant, will sign up, show up, and skill up.

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Let's write some origin stories

The best way to get someone on a path is to connect them to someone already on it.

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