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Your personal college and career planning chatbot

Plan your future from your phone. No app or download required.

Meet your personal sidekick

Sidekick helps students explore new careers and pathways, figure out the right next step, and connect with real people who can help.

How we support our future heroes

We focus our conversations and connections on some of the largest roadblocks young people face on their journey into heroic futures.

Career Exploration

We show students how their interests show up in different careers so they can start to see themselves in these careers.

As their aspirations form, we help them answer questions, correct misconceptions, and find their personal pathway into their dream career.


Postsecondary Access

The perfect path looks different for every student, and we help our students understand the different post-secondary options available, connect with local people and resources, and navigate financial aid.




We help students connect math to the real-world, find strategies for building their confidence in math, and overcome negative math mindsets and math anxiety.


In addition to financial aid access, we help students build financial literacy skills and create goals aligned with the futures they want to step into.


Financial Literacy

How Sidekick works for you

Let's write some origin stories

Tell us how we can unleash your undiscovered superheroes.

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