Real-world projects in all high school classes, without working weekends

Students partner with organizations to solve real problems using core class content. We partner with teachers to help them pull it off.

Treat All Kids Like Superheroes

Instant local and global project partners

Connect students to the community

Non-profits, universities, companies, and government agencies bring us authentic projects for your kids. We train them to mentor teens then send them to you. Use your time to deepen partner relationships, not find them.

Ready-to-go, ready-to-edit projects

Have the time to personalize learning

Customizable starter projects let teachers save hours without sacrificing control and creativity over what goes on in classroom, so you can build in individual attention or group students by level or learning goal.

Configurable scaffolding for integrated skills

Pick the competencies you want to build

We crafted projects to target and test precise sets of academic standards and cognitive, social, and emotional skills then kept you in control of the tasks that build each skill, so you choose where kids struggle and where they don't.

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How our products and services really work

Make teachers feel like they have superpowers

Dedicated human concierges

A Sidekick for every teacher

A real person will work alongside your teachers to help plan, customize, and facilitate each project. It's like a student teacher for project-based learning.

Template and exemplar bank built right into the tools you already use

No new apps or workflows

Sidekick works behind-the-scenes through G Suite, Google Classroom, and more to create resources that feel familiar. Teachers only need to know how to edit a word doc.

Personalized virtual coaching throughout projects

Real-world professional development

Sidekick skills up teachers by guiding them through bite-sized activities they'll immediately put into practice on their specific projects.

Curious? Discover more in our demo packet.

A previous project, past student products, and more goodies

Engage students while building employable skills


student engagement

In Sidekick's inaugural pilot at a Chicago public school, a pre-/post-test on student engagement found the average engagement score for the pilot class had increased 5 times, effectively eliminating student disengagement.

What Others Say

I have some of my lowest performers in my first period, and I saw them care more about doing the work than I've seen all year.

Bill, Algebra I TeacherChicago Public Schools, Chicago, IL

This project has helped me discover a love for non-profit work. Superheroes help everyone, despite their differences, without expecting anything in return. Non-profit workers are superheroes, or at least they should be. I'm going to explore the non-profit world more and consider it as a potential career path.

Michael, JuniorIndianapolis, IN

I am so thankful for all you've done and are doing for my kids. I can't really believe this is real and I am waiting for someone to "pinch me" because the more I get into the project, the more I feel it's too good to be true.

Brittany, English & History TeacherNew Palestine High School, Indianapolis, IN

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Exemplar: Past Published Materials and Real Student Products
How to Get Started
The Origin Story: Next Steps to Bringing Sidekick to Your School
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