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Our unique approach allows us to provide you a comprehensive solution to your professional development needs or serve as a valuable complement to your current programming.

Building the skills no one talks about

There are plenty of great school design coaches and professional development consultants. We don't want to reinvent the wheel. We noticed, however, a lack of access to professional development in areas crucial to the success of school or district systems transitioning to personalized learning models like real-world project-based learning or competency-based education. Skills like managing community partner relationshps, change management, data analysis, and more.

Founded on our experience embedded in our districts as well as our backgrounds spanning education, management consulting, and technology, we've distilled our expertise into professional development modules that build these critical skills around practical nuances specific to K-12 education.

Real-world, hands-on, and personalized

True to our mission, we want to make this personal for you and your team. Our coaches will never stand and speak longer than 8 minutes. Instead, we'll work together to complete real-world work that matters to your staff. You bring your problems to our workshops; we pull out practices to immediately apply to those problems.

These features demand that every workshop is custom, catered to your most pressing needs. Our bite-sized modules are tied to underlying teacher competencies to make this possible. Participate in a pre-curated series on a particular skill, or create custom learning pathways from modules a la carte based on your desired coverage. We can adapt on-the-fly as we learn more about what your staff know and needs to know.

Practical, proven, and data-driven

Our origin is firmly rooted in the interweaving of practice, data, and science. We won't focus on anything you can't put into practice. We don't introduce concepts that aren't research-backed and battle-tested. No easy-to-like, hard-to-execute theoretical frameworks. Instead, you'll get locally-focused playbooks to use with confidence in their rigor.

As a data-driven company, we're not satisfied until we can prove our services work. We'll find out which outcomes you care about then measure progress against these goals. To help ensure we stay on track, we'll follow up our professional development with ongoing coaching with you and your staff.

Making assessments equitable

Introduction to project management

Identify formation as motivation

Project management practices for the classroom

Running projects with lean teams and budgets

Fostering productive relationships

Fundamentals of tomorrow's technology

Project management practices for change management

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