Career material right out of high school

Find new part-time or seasonal hires and put current employees on the path to promotion while your talent is still in class with Sidekick's virtual internships.

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Why Partner through Sidekick

Catch tomorrow's talent now

Advertise your brand with future hires at the time they're considering careers. Put them in real job scenarios so they can see themselves working for you.

Develop today's talent as they get a diploma or GED

Bake skills that advance long-term careers at your company into class curriculum. Mentor talent as they work on your business problems in class to ensure they build your skills.

Turn classwork into tryouts

Spot strong talent based on their real-world performance on your actual business problems.

How it works

Create career pathways

Plot your professional career progressions and map roles to the skills they need in our pathway planner. Need some inspiration? Start with one of our industry specific pathways.

Submit projects

Using our guided project builder, turn your desired job skills and current business goals into real-time projects for students. For example students could improve new hire training, handle a web support ticket, or come up with a more efficient floor layout. We fit your projects to the classroom.

Mentor teams

Coach students on the skills and processes they'll need to solve your problem during online project updates and live video sessions short enough to fit into a lunch break. We schedule everything for you. You just show up.

Reconnect with top performers

Collect solutions to your problems at the end of projects. Review profiles of the individuals behind the most impressive solutions and identify new and existing talent for interview invitations, mentor relationships, or career fast tracks.

Download the Partnership Brief

What's Inside

A little about us
Who we are, what we do, and why we do it, to help you decide whether we're aligned with your goals
How it works
Brief overview of what you can expect as a partner
Options for getting started
Levels of involvement that fit your appetite
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