Financial wellness across generations

Invest in your community with in-class financial counseling projects that build financial literacy for youth and financial stability for their parents and community.

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Why Partner through Sidekick

Skills-based volunteering

Engage your employees with opportunities to mentor teams of students coming up with solutions to real financial issues faced by their families, schools, and communities.

Immediate social returns

As you build the financial skills of the next generation, help parents or community leaders in LMI neighborhoods smooth cash flow, reduce expenses, and invest in their futures now.

Compounding impact

Deepen your new relationships with LMI individuals with products and services that student teams recommended as the legitimate next steps for their projects.

How it works

1. Tell us how you can help

List your community development goals, products and services you can deploy for community development, and the financial skills you can teach. We bundle your goals, products and services, and covered skills into a catalog of project options for your sponsored schools.

2. Mentor teams of students

Accept invitations to mentor student teams on projects matching your goals, products and services, and covered skills. Coach students on the skills they'll need to solve their problem through online messaging and live video sessions. We schedule everything for you. You just show up.

3. Submit your own projects

Have other development outcomes you'd like to see in a community? Want to reduce household expenses through refinancing, grow a local business with a capital campaign, or enroll families in a new school savings program? Use our project builder to turn your goals into additional projects for students.

4. Offer follow-on support

Connect parents and community leaders to any solutions you offer that legitimately fit the final recommendations of a project, like credit counseling, technical assistance, or other solutions.

Download the Partnership Brief

What's Inside

A little about us
Who we are, what we do, and why we do it, to help you decide whether we're aligned with your goals
How it works
Brief overview of what you can expect as a partner
Options for getting started
Levels of involvement that fit your appetite
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