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Connect with local, diverse talent through in-class internships in less than 20 minutes a week.

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Build early excitement

Young talent choose careers they know of. Use class time to show off unsung opportunities at your company that get teens aware of and interested in careers in your field. Target specific classes, regions, and demogaphics.

Build their skills and success

Young talent choose careers they think they're good at. Bake the skills you need from hires into high school curriculum. Help students find their calling and spot top talent from their performance on job-related tasks.

Build real relationships

Young talent choose careers in which they feel they belong. Meet students as mentors while they work on your tasks. Extend your relationships with select students using data-driven recommendations based on both skill and interest.

Talk to a human

Talk to a human

You can launch an in-class internship in as little as 4 minutes. Sarah's the living, breathing human who can get you started.

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