Internships, meet classrooms. Class, meet internships.

Bridge the classroom with academic and career planning to make every moment meaningful.

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How We Help

Treat all kids like superheroes

Instant local and global partners

Connect students to the community

Pair students with non-profits, companies, and more to tackle actual business and social problems based on student interests

Alignment to the skills you care about

A map for college and career readiness

Assess focus areas on standardized tests, state standards, employability skills, SEL, and 21st-century skills using rubrics included with all projects

Ready-to-go, virtual mini-internships

Don't worry about the logistics

Save teachers and advisors hours every virtual interaction with the partner already scheduled against customizable project plans

Teacher Support

Make teachers feel like they have superpowers

Integrations with the tools you already use

No new apps

We work behind-the-scenes through G Suite, Google Classroom, and more. Teachers only need to know how to edit a word doc.

Template and exemplar banks

No starting from scratch

Teachers build off pre-filled, customizable competency maps and assessment rubrics that explain why they're strong examples.


Real-world projects

Blur the lines between project-based and work-based learning while still working from a lesson plan.

Case Studies

Engage students to prepare them for college and careers

60% higher

passing rate

At an urban public school in Chicago, where passing Algebra I is required for graduation, 113 of 151 students earned Ds or higher in an Algebra I course based on Sidekick projects, up from 75 the year before.



At a public school in an rural, agricultural community in Indiana, a pre-/post-test on student engagement found the average engagement score for students in classes using Sidekick had increased 5 times, all but eliminating student disengagement.


What Others Say

This project has helped me discover a love for non-profit work. Superheroes help everyone, despite their differences, without expecting anything in return. Non-profit workers are superheroes, or at least they should be. I'm going to explore the non-profit world more and consider it as a potential career path.

Michael, JuniorIndianapolis, IN

I have some of my lowest performers in my first period, and I saw them care more about doing the work than I've seen all year.

Bill, Algebra I TeacherChicago Public Schools, Chicago, IL

I am so thankful for all you've done and are doing for my kids. I can't really believe this is real and I am waiting for someone to "pinch me" because the more I get into the project, the more I feel it's too good to be true.

Brittany, English & History TeacherNew Palestine High School, Indianapolis, IN

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What You'll Learn

How we connect schools and community partners
Learn how to fit the free project marketplace, a private parter network, and custom recruitment in your envisioned system.
How we craft "in-class internships"
View a demo unit with a day-by-day schedule, step-by-step instructions, and standards-aligned performance-based assessment.
How to turn anything into evidence
Play with the Sidekick Storybord, the tracker that automatically finds evidence of mastery for any skill you define.
How we coach teachers
Get familiar with Human Sidekick, our 1-on-1 coaches, and our "real-world professional development" model.
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